SERP Attacks – Free SEO-Tool – Review

While the other half of the ZonkBros is in London at the SES-Expo currently, and hopefully soon finds a w-lan connection so we can get some feeds from this fella, I wasn’t lazy today, at least after I found this incredible tool. And I’m still not completely convinced to share it with you :-)

What do you think when you hear of something like this?

SerpAttacks is a free SEO software that you can download without paying anything . Its simply the best free seo software out there.” – Actually this is the Description of

I stumbled over this piece of software where it was being advertised in a forum. Usually I’m quite sceptic about free tools offering a whole lot, such as:

  • A complete, and reliable Backlink Checker – with information such as Anchor Text, Pagerank, Follow/NoFollow, TLD and much more parameters.
  • A rank check Module which offers unlimited domains and keywords, graphs and best of all you can select specific TLD (available for Google, Bing, Yahoo, AltaVista and Ask)
  • A SERP analyzer that comes up with comprehensive Information for all domains in the top SERPs, and that rates the competition for that term.
  • A keyword tool, that uses data from Google AdWords tool, and checks uses data from Amzaon Products and Click Bank to determine the value of a specific niche. This tools also finds free domains.
  • A PPC-Fetcher for unlimited keywords working in almost every county.
  • A Page Content Helper Module
  • And much more

But since I’m curious it tried the software with a throw-away e-mail address… Read the rest of SERP Attacks – Free SEO-Tool – Review »

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Wireless Mobile Charging

Charging a mobile phone without using any wire? You think this would be nice but impossible? Think about the comfort  this tech would provide. Hitachi isworking onthis special project since a few years and now thes feel ready to promote there wirless charging system. There is an post about at Mashable. Charlie White tested the new charging system and made some notes. Read full article here ” Hitachi Maxell Enters the Wireless iPhone Charging Arena” .

Hitachi announced that their new chargin sytem will be available first in Japen. Sometime late in April the charging sytem will be available in Japan and then the U.S. . Hitachi does not said anything prices for their technology, but regardung the competitors the price will be round about 100$.


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The Noob Guide to Online Marketing – 6 Month Course

As I was asked by a lot of people about good resources for learning online marketing in the last few weeks, I decided to present you this article, which I have found today on the SEOMoz Blog. It is a 6 Month Course, with a giant infographic covering pretty much every aspect of online marketing.

Featured modules are:

  • Social media marketing (SMM)
  • Email marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Organic search marketing
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • Analytics
  • Content marketing
  • Paid search marketing (pay-per-click or PPC)

So if you plan to get into Online Marketing – check it out: The Noob Guide to Online Marketing – 6 Month Course Read the rest of The Noob Guide to Online Marketing – 6 Month Course »

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Domain Strategies 2011

Are you thinking about getting in the domain business? Yes we know this is a little too late and you should have started about 10 years ago, but then again it’s never too late!

Yesterday we were able to secure the domain, who would have thought this domain was still available.

So if you plan to get into this business, or are just curious how buying domains can work out for you – check this article by Hyder Media.

Unfortunately they don’t mention how to turn these domains into money, but Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Link Exchange etc. are just some examples. Contact us if you want more information.

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Link-Strategies for 2011

ZonkBros found some interesting Link-Strategies for 2011. Regarding the Google algorythm major changes a few weeks ago and regarding Matt Cutt’s statements. Search Engine Journal published a post “5 Link BuildungPredictions for 2011” and listed a a few strategies.

  • Google will more focus on brand names than on keyword-based anchor text
  • More focus on quality Links from related websites, less use of footer links and link-farms
  • Less amphasison PageRank, more focus on authority
  • SEO should share more links to the content instead of the homepage (link power from the buttom)
  • Conversion rate is a powerful ranking factor
  • Focus on Social Media and Social Media Mentions, buzz created by influencial social media authorities
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New Google PageRank Formula

ZonkBros is back with worthful information for any SEO.  Google is going to change his PageRank formula to enforce spam in the SERPS. The new Patent was to Google til May 11 2010 for “Ranking documents based on user behavior and/or feature data”. There is a Post by Bill Slawski, a huge list of Google patents including the PageRank formula.

The key changes in the formula:

  • Every link is weighted according to how likely a “reasonable surfer” would be to click on that link. To estimate that, Google considers a number of factors, which boil down to 2 main categories:
    • link visibility (placement and appearance)
    • link relevance

Now, it will be harder to place small text links in page footers, forums or blog comments. All of these links will be weak , they will not bring much PageRank juice as they did before the change. It is going to be harder for spammers. Google is trying to provide more high qualitiy results. To pass PageRank, the link now has Read the rest of New Google PageRank Formula »

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Pimp Your Blog with some brand-new Social Media Icon Sets

If you got the urge to pimp your blog a little – now is the time with some brand-new and hot Social Media Icon Sets. Check it out: Read the rest of Pimp Your Blog with some brand-new Social Media Icon Sets »

ZonkBros Ressources of the Day (01/20/2011)

Welcome back to our resources of the day. It’s been quite some time but now we are back with some great articles:

The first article is a must read for every copy writer/editor who’s in any way involved in online publishing. Even though this article has quite a confusing title it is about how to write for search engines as well as for real people.

Blind Five Year Old – Stop writing for people

The second article is a little bit off-topic, but for everyone who hasn’t heard about this. Again this show that (from an information security perspective) still too many people don’t care about protecting sensitive personal information enough in this digital world. It is about a guy from the US who used information gathered from Facebook to solve the security question of several e-mail accounts and then searched those e-mail accounts for nude pictures:

Facebook used to get to nude e-mail photos

As the title of this post already indicates this post shows some up-to-date number about the internet. People who like statistics will love this:

Royal Pingdom – Internet 2010 in Numbers

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Redirect and Canonical HTML coding

Guide- How to deal with Duplicate Content different solutions. This great article was published by Ben Jarriola at SEOmoz.

Alternate Link Tag —  Meta Robots
Canonical Link Tag —  301 Redirect —  Robots.txt

  • Alternate Link Tag
    • International pages, multilingual pages, intended for different countries.
  • Canonical Link Tag
    • Multiple categories and subcategories with different category paths, but the same content.
    • Tracking codes, Session IDs mainly because redirection sometimes interferes with the functionality of the tracking codes and sessions.
    • Different variable orders due to how some CMS platforms are created.
  • 301 Redirect
    • Cases where a redirection does not bother the user experience such as www and non-www, index files, trailing slashes, hosting IP address.
    • Domain changes, and URL changes of pages that no longer exist.
      Example: 301 redirects to 301 redirects to

  • Meta Robots NoIndex/Follow
    • Probably the best place to use this is in a list of archived post, such as a blog. Where the main URL of the individual blog post or the permalink may have content that is posted as a duplicate somewhere in the archive view by date, the category view, the author view, tag topic views, or in the pagination of older blog post from the blog homepage. You cannot really do a 301 redirect, nor do a canonical link tag since these pages may have more than 1 blog post listed and you will have to finalized where the 301 redirect should go or where the canonical link tag should point to. Thus I would take my chances using the Meta Robots tag, NoIndex,Follow, and hopefully all the links still help.
  • Robots.txt
    • I no longer see a need to use robots.txt in duplicate content issues. The natural linking is something too precious to lose. Just use robots.txt to really block of content that does not need to be indexed at all, duplicate content or not.
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ZonkBros Resources of the Day (01/13/2011)

Hi SEO’s out there here is another Resource of the Day. The first Resource we recommend today is a SEO Checklist 2011 I have found at developed by a SEO called GoodROI at WebmasterWorld.

The second article is about duplicate content how to handle with it. There are a few ways of dealing with duplicate content i.e. canonical, redirect or blocking the bot with robots.txt or htaccess.

The last but not least resource of the Day is about how Google adds site hacked notification to the SERPs. published at search engine land. We hope you will get some value from these articles and come back soon.

Seroundtable – SEO Checklist 2011

SEOmoz – Duplicate Content: Block, Redirect or Canonical

Search Engine Land – Google Adds Site Hacked Notifications To Search Results

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